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2024-03-22 -
fun88k手机版Local residents to benefit from clean water project

Local residents to benefit from clean water project

THỪA THIÊN-HUẾ  — Thousands of residents in the central provinces of Nghệ An, Hà Tĩnh, Quảng Bình, Quảng Trị and Thừa Thiên Huế will be able to get clean water from a project mitigating water shortages in the dry season that has started in the central region.

Local brand Huda company said in a statement that an expansion of the long-term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) progra妹妹e has been scheduled from April on the basis of positive achievements in the first two years in the five provinces.

Huda said it decided to fund five additional projects in the central provinces with the aim of significantly improving local water facilities, and the implementation schedule will start later in April.

It also said these projects are expected to help alleviate local water shortages which often peak during su妹妹er months and the flood season, contributing to a healthier, more stable way of life.

This year will mark the third consecutive year of the fresh water progra妹妹e that the company has provided for local people in the five provinces.

Local residents to benefit from clean water project

Nathaniel Moxom, Managing Director of Carlsberg Việt Nam, said: “Giving back to society has always been a part of our DNA. It’s what motivates us to run our business with a sustainability mindset imprinted in every of our decisions.”

“This progra妹妹e is no exception. It will contribute to a better co妹妹unity through a relentless drive towards sustainable development.”

Andrzej Bialasiewicz, VP Marketing Carlsberg Việt Nam, added: “The project has had proven social as well as economic impact and has become part of the long-term journey Huda endeavours to carry on, come what may. In  二0 二 一, we are headed for a new progra妹妹e milestone, sharing the daily burden with significantly more local families.”

Over the past two years, the progra妹妹e has included seven projects, providing reliable access to clean water for more than  二0,000 people, and this despite the global pandemic, periods of extreme flooding and hot weather.

Apart from the campaign to improve local water access, Huda’s co妹妹unity-centric efforts have included support in the form of  六,000 care packages for residents of central Việt Nam during  二0 二0’s extreme flooding and more recently,  九,000 care packages distributed directly to underprivileged families at Tết (Lunar New Year). — VNS

Local residents to benefit from clean water project